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Fight for Justice

Our goal is to provide our clients with quality legal services. We advise our clients of their legal rights, fight to ensure their rights are protected, and do this in a fair and ethical manner....

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Our Lawyers will analyze whether the settlement is actually in your best interest and weigh all aspects of the proposed settlement and whether it will adequately compensate the client's losses. We provide the information relevant to the settlement and also recognize that the ultimate decision on whe...

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Commercial & Company Law

Our proficiency covers the complete scope of Commercial work, from providing a view on the enforceability of key provisions through to major deals, major contract reviews and joint ventures. We also provide some of our clients with day-to -day provision when negotiating various commercial contracts....

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Delivering Tangible results

We believe in the power of relationships to deliver tangible business results. We collaborate openly with our colleagues and clients - working across office, service and sector boundaries to bring you the best of our firm, wherever you need us to be....

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Our Multi-Specialism

Our lawyers are multi-specialists, equipped to handle a broad range of legal matters. Through the multi-specialist approach, S.S Malonza & Co Advocates lawyers are able to bring a rounded perspective and are able to use techniques, structures and mechanisms from all sorts of types of transaction...

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Our Client Focus – Delivering Value to our clients

Our clients are at the heart of how we work and we need to continue to anticipate what they will face next, adapt to the changes and provide our clients with the very best people, processes and solutions...

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